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“Let Imagination Flourish”

Craft from the Heart


Aunty Fay

A Calm and Caring Environment

Where Children Can Explore Their Creativity with Natural Materials



For Everyone

Interested In Simple Crafts

Craft Table

 20 Years Experience Caring for and Teaching ages 0 – 15

“Arianna had a lovely arts and crafts session with Phaedra. Phaedra was brilliant and kept her engaged so easily! We came home with some lovely little handmade pieces from the session. Thank you, Hearty Crafty!”

Lucy Fenna


Fun, nostalgia, great weather and shady trees. “This reminds me of my childhood” says a parent whilst holding a cardboard ring to allow her young daughter to thread naturally-coloured wool yarn through it, round and round. Making a pom pom is simple. Not too easy, but...


Inspired by nature. A tiny tree cone + some naturally dyed yellow wool yarn to create a striped body and a tuft of undyed sheeps wool for the wings - Hey Presto, a bee! Book your Craft session at